Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Cat

Callie is a very happy cat in this pet carrier with her two remaining 5 day old kittens. She is now inside the house where her kittens are safe from harm. The kittens were born on March 15th and this picture was taken on March 20, 2007.

Callie is taking a little break from her mothering duties and enjoying the warm sunny day. She is trying to relax, but there are two tomcats who want her attention so she moves to the back steps.

Here she is on the back steps trying to stretch out and take a little nap while waiting for someone to let her back inside where she can rest on the window sill undisturbed by the annoying tomcats.

In these remaining pictures the kittens are 12 days old. They are big for their age because there are only two of them and they get plenty of milk from Callie. There eyes are open although they still cannot walk very well. They try to stand up but their little legs aren't strong enough yet.
They can hiss already although I wasn't able to catch it in a picture and I really hated blinding them with the flash of the camera. The very first time they hissed at me was when they were 5 days old and I shined a flashlight into there little home. Although there eyes weren't opened yet they could tell that a light was shining brightly on them.
They're trying to play a little...but just a little. They still spend most of their time sleeping...and of course eating.


Tammy said...

Oh Sandy!! What sweet pictures!!
I love the kittens...I hiss too when!!
We could learn from cats you know to spread out, stretch and take a rest!

doubleknot said...

Callie's kittens are so cute. Poor Callie being bothered by those toms when she needs rest.