Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello out there...Can you see me?

My first and second posts have gone off into the mysterious world of the ethernet and perhaps are being picked up by alien ships as they travel through the vast reaches of space. I will try again today to post a few words...just to see if it can be done at this site. Now I'm beginning to understand the problems that I have read about in various other blogs, not ever experiencing such problems before.
I created this blog so that I would be able to post the many pictures that I take of my cats and those of my family. Dogs are also furry and I'll occasionally post pictures of them as well as any animal that is furry...or not furry...I'm not particular.
My first and second posts had many pictures, but I'm not going to press my luck and attempt to post any pictures yet. Let's just see what happends and if these words even make it as my first post. Wish me luck...and a little prayer might not hurt either.

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