Friday, March 30, 2007

We sure fooled them...

"You know we really had them snowed, over at Abandoned's site. I think we pulled it off. We ought to charge admission for our fights. Maybe go on pay per view or something. Good thing we really aren't enemies, or I would have pinched your nose right off your face....You know you did bat me around a little too hard when you made me roll over on my back. I hope it was just an accident.
Maybe we should practice a little bit more...And this time I can hit YOU and roll your furry little body over and I can jump on your belly and smack you on the chin and maybe, hang on to one of those whiskers of yours, ya know...just to make the fight look a little more realistic. What do you think?"

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david santos said...

Hello, Sandy!
what a good work you have! thank you
have a good week