Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bird Watching

Bird watching requires concentration
and finding a good vantage point
that is comfortable and dry.
You must remain very still
and let the birds gain your trust.
Try to look as relaxed as possible
so that the birds are caught unaware
when you make that final lunge at them.
It's a art and you just want to scare the birds,
not hurt them.

Oh look, there's a bug!

I need a closer look!
Oh my, it buzzes and has a stinger.

Back to bird watching.
Do I look relaxed enough?

(Sound asleep and snoring)
Like Jybow said,
It's an art...
Or was Jybow attacked
by that big ole bluejay
she was watching,
while my back was turned?
You be the judge.

1 comment:

doubleknot said...

Oh if only I could relax like Jybow. Of course it wouldn't be for bird hunting. There is nothing more relaxed sleeping then a cat and a baby. Hum, we take care of both of them could this be the reason.