Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Too hot to sleep outside

Jybow is usually taking up the whole desk...
well practically the whole desk,
but right now she is snuggled up to the monitor
and giving me room to type.
It's much too hot to be outside today
and the smart cats are taking advantage
of the A/C inside the house.
The rest of the cats have found shady spots
under the buildings,
laying on the cool ground for their
afternoon siestas.

Time to go....
Jybow is SPREADING OUT once again,
and soon will be laying on my keyboard.
Bye, Bye...


Ava said...

I don't blame them! I like being inside in the AC too!!!!!

Kerri said...

It's nice that Jybow shares and lets you have a little room :)
We had very hot weather here today after a whole week of cool weather and very little sunshine. Now we're having thunderstorms.
You know how much I love seeing all your kitties Sandy. Did one of them eat poor Cucoo? He hasn't been around much lately.