Friday, October 26, 2007

Ferbie was a VERY BAD kitty...

When Ferbie found this poor little squirrel, all of my flea friends took advantage and hopped onto Ferbie from the squirrel. Now they had a new orange ride and Ferbie had a new playmate to wrestle with. The rest of the cats were also very happy because as long as Ferbie was wrestling around with the squirrel they were being left alone by him...he was such a pest always running straight at the females and rolling them over as he darted over them. They hated that.

This is my first attempt at putting a video up and Sandy was no help. REALLY...I mean no help whatsoever!!! She's never attempted anything like this before on her blog, but if all goes well, I'll help her put one up on her site one day. It's taking a long time to load, so I hope everything is okay and I also hope I loaded the right video up too. You know how sometimes when you watch the news they load up the wrong videos for whatever story the newscaster is talking about and they're professionals and make mistakes, so I probably won't be any different. And after all, what do you expect coming from a flea anyway! Well, I think we're ready for the show. Everyone give a round of applause to the squirrel who was so kind to make Ferbie look like he was winning the wrestling match. Mr. Squirrel was quite an actor....and Ferbie was just being obnoxious.

Your loving friend,