Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our cat that doesn't live here

Callie stopped in for her usual daily feeding.
She comes into the house, eats, sometimes uses the litter box and then leaves.

When Callie was big and round with her very first litter of kittens, she was banished from our yard by the other female cats. They drove her away and she found refuge in an abandoned house 3 doors down the road. There is where she lived until some years later when a family with large dogs moved in. Callie then moved closer into a shed in the next house where she was fed by her new family and occasionally allowed into the house. I think that's where she learned about the litter box.
Callie has now moved even closer into the crawl space of the house next door where it is warm and heated by their furnace duct pipes and plenty of insulation to keep kittens & herself warm.
The neighbors like her living there. They made a special door in which she is allowed to enter the crawl space. She has been living there for about two years feeding on their mice and that's why they like her so much.
Callie was the kitten I had chosen to be my house cat, but she was having no part of that. She didn't even want to be tamed down and she certainly didn't like being petted or handled in any way. Mind you, she wasn't wild and you could approach her...
she just didn't want to be a pent up house cat. She was one of those cats that just wanted to be free to be a cat and so we have accepted her friendship on her terms.
Our dilemma with Callie is that sometimes she is missing for weeks at a time and she always comes back looking well fed and healthy and she doesn't mind you picking her up and turning her upside down or anything anymore. I'd like to thank those people out there who are kind to Callie and to other cats like her.
We also have outdoor cat feeders and all passing through strays & tomcats are welcomed to stop, rest and then move on after their meal.

Callie is going to have kittens again, and I'm looking forward to the new arrivals. Last year we allowed Callie to keep her kittens inside the house after a frightful encounter with a marauding tomcat who killed all but two of her kittens. I am looking forward to Spring and to the new arrivals.

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