Sunday, June 29, 2008

No hair balls for me

You never have to call her
or beg her to come take her daily dose
of hairball medication.

Just walk toward the bathroom
and she's up on the counter
eagerly waiting for you to open the tube.

She likes her dose so much that she
thinks that every time you walk
into the bathroom,
that you have to give her another dose.

You won't see another picture of another cat
up here, because our other cats hate
this stuff.


Tomas Dennis said...

We always have to purchase our hairball chow for the cats in Paducah. None of our cats will lick that stuff.

Melody said...

I read and reread your post about not having pictures of cats on this site again. I hope I read it wrong. I just found this blog and have loved it. Thanks for sharing. My blog is kinda turning into a doggie blog since I just recently got a puppie. Animals are so much fun.