Monday, August 1, 2011

Rest in Peace

Sweet Daisy loved everyone and never met a stranger.
She was mauled by the neighbor's Chow on July 30, 2011.
Sadness fills our hearts
that she was killed in such a horrific way in her own
yard.  We will  never forget you Daisy. 

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Rest in Peace

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

It's just so sad to think about what happened to our sweetest cat Daisy. A cat who knew all the ins and outs of being safe outdoors and on the one weekend that we went away over-night, she ran for the door for safety, thinking that we would be there to let her in. The poor cat fought for her life near the front door, and then when no one came she ran to the back door. And when she no longer could take anymore, she ran to the safety of the cat house where she died. It sickens my stomach to think that while we were off having fun, our poor sweet Daisy was fighting for her life, and lost. I'll never forget my sweet Daisy who was a good friend to P.J.